Updating analog tvs

27-Oct-2017 00:27

It normally does not refer to satellite TV, which has always required a set-top box either to operate the big satellite dish, or to be the integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) in the case of direct-broadcast satellites (DBS).

In North America, these ATSC tuner boxes convert from ATSC to NTSC, while in most of Europe and other places such as Australia, they convert from Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) to PAL.

Viewers who receive their television signals through cable or satellite were not affected by this change and did not need a digital television adapter (however, see the cable TV exception below).

Additionally, viewers who have newer televisions with built-in digital ATSC tuners will not need an external digital television adapter.

Furthermore, he said, too many people were still buying analog TV sets, meaning more demand for converter boxes.

And even if people found out what they would have to do, converter boxes might not do the job adequately.

TV providers across the country are going all digital (needing boxes on all TV’s) and we are excited to bring this upgrade to you!

By converting from analog to all digital, it gives us the ability in the future to increase Internet speeds and add more HD channels!

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Prototypes of the first converter boxes appeared at the NAB show in 2006.

When you receive them, you can follow the installation instructions and activate the boxes and you’re all set to get all the benefits from ALL Digital!

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