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Not that he’s planning on an end date for that life any time soon: even at the age of 76, Conway continues to tour the country with a stage show called “Tim Conway and Friends,” he and his friends Chuck Mc Cann and Louise Du Art split their time between telling stories, singing songs, and performing classic comedy sketches.Bullz-Eye had a chance to talk to Conway before his stop in Newport News, Virginia…well, actually, I talked to him for The Virginian-Pilot, so please be aware that portions of this piece have already appeared within that esteemed publication…and he spoke on all of the above topics, as well as his work for Disney, his collaborations with Harvey Korman and Don Knotts, how he made it from Ohio to California in the first place, and why he recently ended up in “Hot in Cleveland.” First, though, Conway had to start our conversation by completely throwing me off-base.And I don’t want that responsibility to fall on you. I’m a guy who doesn’t know anything about the business. You’re really beginning to annoy me.” Because she used to be a regular on the “Burnett” show, and, my God, we loved when she came in and spent the week with us. He’s 92 years old, he just bought a Smart Car, and he looks like he’s wearing it. And he just took me under his wing and, you know, I’m working with an Oscar winner. BE: Did you see him on “Saturday Night Live” this week? BE: He was part of this sketch called “What’s Up with That,” sitting next to Morgan Freeman, and he just could not have looked like he was having more fun. () You know, you do these things ,and then they send them to China to draw them, I guess, for a year or whatever.I’m a guy who doesn’t know anything about the business. So the show was on, and my granddaughter said, “You know, I think that guy on that show is !There are fewer and fewer individuals left among us who can truly be defined with the phrase “comedy legend,” but if you would argue that Tim Conway is not among them, then I would kindly ask you to put up your dukes.

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I’m driving him back and forth, and we’d stop next to cars on their way to work, and here’s Don in this rig next to me. ” So one night we’re coming home, and I said, “Don, I’m going to go across the street and have a beer before dinner, so I’ll let you off at the motel, and you get undressed.” He says, “Okay, fine.” Now, we’re in Stockton, where they hate actors. I mean, they really are not too fond of people coming up there. So I’m in the bar, drinking my beer, and in comes Don…) “Tim, have you got the key to that room?

() BE: There’s another animated performance I was going to mention, but it ties in to a couple of non-animated ones.

You’ve played yourself a few times, including on “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Newhart,” and, yes, “The Simpsons.” How challenging was that for you?

You just wrote jokes for him and picked records for him in the morning. I just kept messing around, and Rosie Marie from “The Dick Van Dyke Show” happened to be coming through Cleveland at the time, she saw what was happening at the station, and she said, “This is hysterical! ” () I said, “No, I’m working here in Cleveland on this show, which really stinks, but it’s so much fun, because it really annoys people.” He said, “You’ve got to be crazy!

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One thing led to another, and I started doing promotional work for the station, then they said, “Geez, you know, you have a good sense of humor. ” I started out as a director in television, but we had a show in the morning where I was directing, and it would go on at 8 o’clock and was supposed to go off at 10, but I could never figure out how to back-time the movie properly so that it would end at 10. ” So I told the station manager of this plight, and he said, “You’ve got to be nuts! ” So I said, “Well, you know, I don’t think so.” And the guy said, “Okay, then, you’re fired.” He fired me so that I’d come out there and do “Mc Hale’s Navy.” And then from “Mc Hale’s Navy,” I went on to a host of my own shows… One time, the president of CBS – Perry Lafferty – called me in, and he said, “We’re taking your hour show off.

” And I looked at him, with all of these people looking at me, and I said, “You know, ma’am, I think maybe we ought to talk about price first.” “Don’t screw around, Tim!

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