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19-Oct-2017 06:33

The researchers classified approximately 46% of the participants as unacknowledged victims of sexual assault and 15% as acknowledged victims.Particularly telling, however, was the fact that 29% of the women in the unacknowledged group rated themselves as nonvictimized, and 66% reported the event as a serious “miscommunication.” In the responses, unacknowledged victims were more likely than acknowledged victims to characterize their resistance to sex as only somewhat clear.The message may seem ridiculously obvious: “If she doesn’t consent, or can’t consent, it’s rape.” So why does the White House need to enlist Benicio Del Toro, Daniel Craig, and other famous actors to deliver this explanation in public service announcements?Why did the California legislature feel compelled to pass a law that effectively defines consent as a clearly stated “yes” before every stage of sexual activity?

They have investigated extensively the real-world practicalities of sexual communication among college students, using a variety of survey measures, including In one study, Jozkowski, Peterson, and their colleagues found that both male and female subjects similarly defined consent as “two people being willing to and agreeing to have sex with one another.” However, when it came to actually communicating this consent, women preferred to use explicit verbal communication, while men relied more on nonverbal cues.

But further study uncovered a more troubling gender gap in communication.