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01-Mar-2018 23:34

Afaan Oromoo is the third most widely spoken language in Africa, after Arabic and Hausa.

It is the second most widely spoken indigenous language in Africa south of the Sahara.

Gada closely connected the social and political structures.

Male Oromos were organized according to age and generation for both social and political activities.

Some elements of gada are still practiced in southern Oromia.

The gada system was the basis of Oromo culture and civilization.

The gada government was based on democratic principles.

In the past, Oromos had an egalitarian social system known as gada.They lost their independent institutional and cultural development.Great Britain, France, and Italy supported the Ethiopian colonization of Oromos.Oromo women had a parallel institution known as siqqee.

This institution promoted gender equality in Oromo society.Oromos are struggling for the opportunity to rule themselves and reinvent an Oromian state that will reflect the gada system. They have been living in the Horn of Africa for all of their known history.

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