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28-Jun-2018 07:38

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Asher, who hosts and produces a storytelling group in New York, has been dating online for seven years.Recently, he met a girl on the app Bumble, and the two began to casually date.The Millennial habit of oversharing on social media is over-compensation for these cultural growing pains: We are the generation in an Internet-limbo, nostalgic for a childhood when the World Wide Web was still new while being forced to accept a technology-dependent society in adulthood.Millennials want to live in that in-between space, where our addiction to social media doesn't exclude personal intimacy, but we haven't mastered how to balance our needs yet.Perhaps our growing acceptance of random hook-ups has backfired on us. Sherman's study, however, might point to a drop in those rates in the future.Since 2008's economic decline, Millennials have found that delaying most aspects of adulthood is in their best interest.The generation ahead us is fluent in technology; those now-teenagers were raised on it.

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As much as Millennials share online, they still don't trust it to find love.This is an era of experimentation for young people as they try to have it all: their obsession with the Internet and their desire for intimacy.If you're single, struggling to reconcile the distance that the Internet somehow both creates and closes between potential partners, how better to avoid the social awkwardness of face-to-face interactions and assuage the fear of rejection than by sliding into some hot girl's DMs, comfortable in the illusion of a personal conversation without actually having one?Constantly being detached from actual people – swiping through Tinder on our phones, scrolling through strangers' Instagram profiles – creates a fear of the intimacy we crave, too.

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Millennials don't yet have the skills to translate our desire for personal connections from the computer screen to real life – hence all that ghosting and failed Tinder dates.After all, the other 85 percent of these younger Millennials are having sex. Sherman has a couple theories about why an increasing number of young adults are reporting that they're sexually inactive.