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29-Mar-2018 09:18

I’ve been taking pictures with the Nokia N85 and making widescreen videos with the Nokia 5800.

I’ve also been using the Nokia N96 on and off – I even uploaded a set of geo-tagged pictures to Nokia vi Ne.

Like some versions of the N95, the N96 is missing a lens cover.

Overall, the N96 camera takes very nice pictures, but it’s not good enough for a flagship phone.

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It follows in the footsteps of Nokia’s amazing N95 and fantastic N82 cameras and it bears the expectations of excellence bestowed upon a flagship device!This can even be added to by purchasing the industry standard micro SD cards.Unfortunately for the C905, it is plagued with the proprietary Sony M2 expansion slot and memory cards which are more expensive and not compatible with any non-Sony devices.On paper, these two phones are very similar – which makes them perfect for comparison and illustrates how tick-list specifications don't tell you enough about a phone.

We delve in deeper Form Both phones have very similar dimensions, although the Samsung is marginally wider.The shutter button on the N96 is almost flush with the body, making it more difficult to use.