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14-Sep-2017 07:28

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The acceptable amount of personal space required is much less than in North America; people shake hands up close and do not then move away.

People tend to have a wandering gaze when speaking to one another.

There are no taboo subjects, but foreigners will quickly note that people are more interested in talking about topics that touch their lives (such as personal, political, economic, or international situations) than talking about new subjects.

Talking about work and asking where people come from are good ice-breakers, as is talking about the weather.

As in many places that I have visited, Romanians are generous and hospitable people, who appreciate someone that enjoys the food and "tuica" (the local home made plum brandy) that they often offer.

When speaking with Romanians of European background, I found touchy subjects to include the Roma people (so-called Gypsies).

For more than forty years, Romanians lived under a regime that discouraged contact with foreigners.

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For example, a constructive reference to their architectural monuments, the landscape, places to visit, food, etc.

Salaries among Romanians seemed to be an open subject.

People seemed to freely disclose how much they made and I was often asked about my own salary.

What little contact I did have demonstrated that they too are hospitable and curious but that there was an edge to my contact with them, which derived from their obvious poverty.

This "edge" often manifested itself in uncomfortable requests for financial and other material assistance.My experience was that European Romanians and the Roma have a difficult relationship.