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Haha…I see it as just a joke = = Some definitely make some sense…though if women saw this they probably would be very unhappy…Some of it is different circumstances, some things result from different traditions and culture…society is the key, and actually women are innocent…Everyone knows that China is a “large denominator” country, so, I am willing to say, China has more good women than any country in the world; At the same time, China’s also has the most bad women in the world. A friend found a Japanese girlfriend, and he said that in less than 3 days, she had already said “I love you” and established their relationship.Then pretty much every night thereafter, the girl has “special requests”, truly has a big appetite…While it is true that Chinese women have relatively more shortcomings, Japanese women are far from perfect.Among the students at the Nagasaki Naval Training Center was Enomoto Takeaki, one of the founders of the Imperial Japanese Navy.A replica 18th century Dutch windmill fabricated in The Netherlands and then assembled on the shore of Lake Imba near Sakura, Japan in 1994, named in honour of 'The Love' (De Liefde), the first Dutch sailing vessel to reach Japan in 1600.Also notable are the many tulips on the foreground..

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In a move of the shogunate to take the Dutch trade away from the Hirado clan, the entire Dutch trading post was moved to Dejima.

Under diplomatic pressure from the United States, the Netherlands recognised Indonesian sovereignty in 1949 (see United States of Indonesia).

On the 24 August 2009, the Netherlands released a commemorative 5 euro coin to celebrate 400 years of relations.

The first of which was the ZM SS Soembing, a gift from King William III of the Netherlands, which was renamed the Kankō Maru.

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To train Japanese sailors in the use of these new and powerful ships the Nagasaki Naval Training Center was established literally right at the entrance of Dejima, to maximize interaction with Dutch naval know-how.Some have even posted about how their girlfriend or spouse gave them the ok for an affair so long as it was kept out of sight and out of mind.

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