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30-Apr-2018 00:28

Even though he is in excellent health, very spry indeed.

He and the widow have become very close, and seem happy together over this last year.

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He works out three times per week, is very active in the community, heck ...

If you have had trouble meeting men, I want you to ask yourself if you've really done enough on your part to meet them. Do Your Research: The next thing to do is to do a little "homework." Do some research and find out what things are going on and available in your area. Don't choose things you have no personal interest in just because you think there might be men there to meet.

Just like I tell singles of any age, your perfect person is not just going to show up at your doorstep one day with flowers and a bottle of wine in hand. So I want you to ask yourself if you've done enough. Have you gone on a great online dating site, wrote a really good profile and started contacting some men online? You will not only have more fun, but will also be most successful meeting people, when you are enjoying your life and creating good energy. Make A List: So, I'm challenging you right now to put together a list. You won't believe what is waiting out there for you!

Have you researched what things are going on in your area to which you could go? At the same time, though, be open to lots of possibilities. Try finding out about happy hours that are out there for people in their 40s. Try having lunch in areas where there are hospitals where you can meet doctors. Go to one and tell them you'd love to come to one of their parties when they have new car releases. Find at least ten places you can go or ten things you can do in your town other than what I've suggested. Following these five tips will get you well on your way to meeting lots of men.

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Have you truly done everything you possibly can do, because I seriously doubt that there are no men in their 40s that you can date. Go where lawyers are hanging out around lunchtime or during happy hours. There's networking events like Toastmasters where people will go and they will speak. I had a client one time who actually went to hospital and had lunch every single day because she wanted to meet a doctor. For all of the women who are over 35, there are tons of amazing and available men out there for you to meet.

But, you can put your hankie away, 'cause it has a happy ending. They were an integral part of each other's lives for three and a half decades. After committing half a lifetime to a marriage, aren't both partners deserving of some kind of peace of mind that their spouse will be there through thick & thin? He stayed here, and just a few months after the divorce, decided to call a widow friend, who he's known for many years.