Avoid dating bad men thelemic dating

16-Sep-2017 23:01

If you slow things down and try to get to know them, they will move on to easier pickings.

Players know it is just a matter of time before you see through the con.

However, the most dangerous con a player can run is the one where he claims he has changed and wants a long-term relationship.

He may actually want a long-term relationship, but always remember that chronic lying is addicting—an addition that requires at least a year of sobriety to begin to recover, just like any other.

Namely they are still immature, allergic to hard work and responsibility.

Even if they commit to a long-term relationship, they can’t give up partying and playing enough to make a relationship work.

Players are different from bad boys because they use deception to seduce women, rather than waving their red flags like a cape before a bull.

Players are sexual con artists and the key to their game is an ability to skillfully lie.

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Knowing the specific dangers is key, because blanket judgments like “all men are cheaters” may protect you, but it will also block you from the opportunity of a wonderful relationship.In the rare case that a player move on quickly, insist on meeting their female friends.Players usually don’t have any and if they do, you will either get a bad vibe from them or they will tip you off to the player’s game.Your defense: Thankfully, macks are rare and don’t try to hide their game, but you have to accept that you are the rule and not the exception.

Go read over and over again until it is burned into your brain.

Your defense: The bad news is that research shows it takes a liar to spot a liar, so trying to see through the con is unrealistic.

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