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14-Mar-2018 08:25

Once you are on the "Update Word Press" page, click the button "Update Now" to start the process off.You shouldn't need to do anything else and, once it's finished, you will be up-to-date. If you have any problems, it is probably related to permissions issues on the filesystem.The newest versions of Adobe Flash Player on Windows and Mac OS can regularly check for updates and install them for you.Make sure that you always install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to protect against security issues.

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To update Word Press, click the link in this message.

Prevents users from connecting to the Windows Update website. All Windows Update features are removed.- 0 = Disabled or not configured. The registry entries for Automatic Update configuration options are located in the following subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update\AUThe keys and their values are listed in the following table.

Range = 2|3|4|5 - 2 = Notify before download.- 3 = Automatically download and notify of installation.- 4 = Automatically download and schedule installation.

Word Press determines what method it will use to connect to the filesystem of your server based on the file ownership of your Word Press files.

If the files are owned by the owner of the current process (i.e., the user under which the web server is running), and new files created by Word Press will also be owned by that user, Word Press will directly modify the files all by itself, without asking you for credentials.

Only valid if values exist for Scheduled Install Day and Scheduled Install Time.- 5 = Automatic Updates is required and users can configure it. - Time in minutes that Automatic Updates waits at startup before it applies updates from a missed scheduled installation time.- This policy applies only to scheduled installations, not to deadlines.

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