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She said if she beat me I would have to forfeit the competition and never compete against her again. I could feel the hold their breath as I made my final moves and finishing into the splits. Then I made him eat my bald cunt and finger fuck me.

I was feeling pretty confident and told her if I won I would get to fuck her boyfriend while she watched. Once, he got me going enough I had her join us for a naughty threesome and we rocked that room all night. I’ll give him an “A” for effort because he tried to be a good daddy for as long as he could hold out, but I weaved my special hypnotic spell around him until he caved.

I could hear my moans mingled with his in the background so he must have caught me having masturbation phone sex and decided to join in on the fun.

I wonder what his wife would think if she knew she was married to such a perv?

I do like dangerous sex, so don’t be afraid to talk about raping me or threatening me with a .

I like the idea that you are in charge, and I have to do everything that turns you on, and that includes sucking your dirty dribbling dick dry.

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Sad thing is he went home this morning and I forgot to ask him his name before he left.I told him how I was laying naked in my bed, and had just pulled off my little cotton panties and was smelling them.

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