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27-Sep-2017 04:56

You just know more about your own efforts than your partner's. The good news is that when those same people found out what their partners were actually doing, they stopped overestimating their own contributions.

You were there when you took out the garbage, went grocery shopping, and helped your kids with their homework. Weekly meetings make that possible: You learn about all the things that your partner has been carrying.

The two journalists fatally shot while broadcasting live in Virginia early Wednesday morning were remembered by their co-workers at WDBJ7 as professional individuals who brightened up a room.

Alison Parker, 24, a reporter, and Adam Ward, 27, a photojournalist, were interviewing a woman for a feature story live at Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Virginia, when an armed man fired several shots at them.

After a few months, we noticed that we have some hot topics.

Screaming was heard shortly after the shots were fired on air, Marks said."He loved to talk, and he would always give these long-winded answers."Ward was a graduate of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg and also started at the station as an intern. They were "just out doing their job today, covering a story," Marks said, adding that whenever he saw them, Parker and Ward were full of smiles and exuberance for their accomplishments."When we come in, they just make this newsroom come alive," meteorologist Leo Hirsbrunner said.

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